Our Team

Courtney Loughney, M.Ed, E-RYT, YACEP
Founder of Petite Yogi

Courtney’s personal philosophy is to stay grounded, and never stop evolving. Her teaching intention is to challenge mentally + physically, while offering gentle guidance. By combining asana, a focused mind, and the conscious breath, we will achieve greater understanding of the self.

“Yoga to me is my therapy. It works out the yucky, stagnant feelings that are creating energetic blocks within my body. It forces me to move through these feelings and acknowledge them without judgement or force to change. Getting my body + mind prepared for Savasana, where I can honor my whole self, just as I am.”

After teaching adults for 10 years and the birth of her first child, Courtney struggled to find yoga classes for her and her daughter. In 2013 Petite Yogi was born, offering yoga to brand new moms + infants through teenagers.

Jill Margherita, RYT
Petite Yogi Instructor

I began practicing yoga outside of my home 14 years ago.  I realized very quickly that yoga helped me to quiet my mind, sharpen my mental focus and reduce stress.  Practicing yoga has also bolstered my confidence, taught me to trust myself and encouraged me to be open to new things.

My desire to learn more and deepen my practice led me to One-Yoga’s 200 hour yoga teacher training, where I earned my certification in May, 2016.  I soon  realized then that I wanted to share my love for yoga with kids.

I recently completed a yoga for kids workshop and am looking forward to learning more from my students and the Petite Yogi team.  As a teacher, I intend to assist with love and care, encourage playfulness and listen with an open heart.  I believe it is never too early to find a brave spirit, a kind heart and a strong mind!

I have been married for 25 precious years and 3 beautiful girls, ages 22, 19 and 16, have me as their mother!

Melissa Stanley, RYT
Petite Yogi Instructor

My philosophy is that yoga is for everyone no matter what age, size or experience! I have always wanted to teach children but the traditional classroom setting was not right for me. After becoming certified and trying it once I was hooked! I love seeing a child’s face while doing yoga…they are so unconcerned with doing it “right”.

“We live in a world of constant chatter in which the loudest voice should be your own. So take a few minutes every day to listen to and reflect upon what you’re silently telling yourself. Make sure that it’s positive, maintains perspective and propels you toward happiness.” (Janet Taylor) I think yoga quiets the mind and shows us all that we are good enough and strong enough.

I am married with a 19 year old daughter. I am also a registered yoga instructor for adults. I look forward to teaching kids and adults for many years. I am eager to continue my education through Courtney and Petite Yogi, workshops and of course the kids…children have so much to teach us!