Meet Ebru

My name is Ebru Kiraci Nigro. I am from Turkey have been living in USA since 12 years
and I am certified yoga instructor. I got my certification 2015 at yoga life institute in Devon, PA. I love being with kids and teaching them yoga.I feel like I need to help and guide and teach how important yoga is on their life. I want to bring awareness of yoga in the young community. I have a 8 years old daughter and helping and teaching breathing exercises and meditation. I do run several kids yoga workshop in the Delaware area. My sessions are so much fun when we are exploring new yoga poses together. I use music, story for the very young aged kids (pre-K) and for youth classes are still fun combine with art, games and some activities related with theme of the class.

I have been teaching yoga t NCCL school for 2 years and I love it. It brings me a lot of joy to see kids learning yoga poses and mindful breathing techniques.