Meet Melissa

My philosophy is that yoga is for everyone no matter what age, size or experience! I have always wanted to teach children but the traditional classroom setting was not right for me. After becoming certified and trying it once I was hooked! I love seeing a child’s face while doing yoga…they are so unconcerned with doing it “right”.

“We live in a world of constant chatter in which the loudest voice should be your own. So take a few minutes every day to listen to and reflect upon what you’re silently telling yourself. Make sure that it’s positive, maintains perspective and propels you toward happiness.” (Janet Taylor) I think yoga quiets the mind and shows us all that we are good enough and strong enough.

I am married with a 26 year old daughter. I am also a registered yoga instructor for adults. I look forward to teaching kids and adults for many years. I am eager to continue my education through Courtney and Petite Yogi, workshops and of course the kids…children have so much to teach us!